Fuel Guarantees

The enzyme fuel technology guarantees
recognized by all the petroleum companies

The XBEE fuel technology complies to all the European standards regulating the fuel specifications: diesel, petrol, marine gasoil, home heating oil, heavy fuel oils, biofuels and kerosene.

Intertek Caleb Brett and Bureau Veritas laboratories collected samples from various fuels in order to determine the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology’s effect on their specifications covered by the European standards EN 590, EN 228, CSR 441, CSR 500, Diester B30 and Jet A-1 standards respectively:

  • EN 590 standard comparative analysis (Diesel and Gas Oil)
  • EN 228 standard comparative analysis (95 and 98 Unleaded Petrol)
  • CSR 441 standard comparative analysis (Domestic Heating Oil and Fuel Oil)
  • CSR 500 standard comparative analysis (Heavy Fuel Oil IFO 380)
  • Diester B30 standard comparative analysis (Biodiesel)
  • Jet A-1 standard comparative analysis (Kerosene)

This compliance with fuels technical specifications fulfills the initial condition of automobile and engine builders guarantees. Indeed, engine warranty validity is subject to using fuels that comply with applicable standards. The fuel brand is not an issue – it is a question of technical characteristics.

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