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Fuel Treatment

You are entitled to expect the best from XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology. This enzyme-based fuel treatment offers a very wide range of benefits. Let us sum them up into three categories: cleaning fuel systems, saving money, and reducing pollution. 

Cleaning fuel tanks
Cleaning filters
Cleaning engines
Cleaning exhaust manifolds

Cleaning your fuel tanks and engines

Engines do not burn 100% of the fuel. This leads to soot and toxic air pollution. Moreover, oxidized or contaminated fuel plugs filters and ruins injectors, which causes increased pollution, wasted fuel, higher maintenance costs, and shorter engine life.

XBEE enzymes are naturally occurring catalysts. They act as surfactants when fuel is in motion and break down larger, slower-burning fuel molecules which are precursors to soot. Smaller molecules vaporize more completely during fuel injection. This leads to better oxygenation, and a more complete combustion process. As XBEE enhances fuel atomization and oxygenation during combustion, it reduces soot and toxic air pollution while improving fuel economy. XBEE also disperses water as harmless microscopic drops along with breaking down fuel-derived organic contaminants which are burned off in the engine, protecting filters and injectors, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing engine life.

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One of the most important questions when dealing with expensive engines and parts is: is there a warranty on the products? Am I allowed to use it? That was our main concern right from the beginning, and we contacted all the major administrations and manufacturers at once.

Fuel certifications

Our experts are here to help you get your own certifications and answer all your questions.