XBEE Headquarters
XBEE Headquarters
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+352 691 6689 69 info@xbee.com Dumontshaff · L-3841 Schifflange

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Dumontshaff – 3841 Schifflange – Luxembourg
Tel: +352 691 6689 69 – Email: info@xbee.com



Ready to invest time and efforts in an environment-friendly product that proved itself for more than a decade all over the world?

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is a great opportunity to a new career if you are independent, or to a new developing market if you are a company. We are looking for solid partners to entrust the exclusive rights to develop XBEE in their own state or country.

Local Distributor


Local Distributor
You are a commercial agent, you run a store or a garage, take the opportunity to distribute the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to your existing customers and probably make new ones.

Fuel Distributor


You distribute bulk fuel both to professionals or private users, your run petrol stations or fuel depots, XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology will help you clean your installations and offer you the opportunity to boost your sales using XBEE marketing tools.

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