Cleanse Up Your Engine with the Natural Enzyme Fuel Technology

XBEE disperses water and organic fuel contaminants!
XBEE also protects our environment by reducing all toxic gas emissions...

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

XBEE fuel additive main benefit can be summarized in one sentence: the enzyme fuel treatment cleans and purifies fuels in a natural and sustainable way to consequently cleanse up engines.

Savings & Consumption

Savings & Consumption

XBEE fuel cleaner improves the engine combustion and performances. Consequently, maintenance costs and energy consumption are markedly reduced!

Gas emissions & pollution

Gas Emissions & Pollution

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology improves the fuel combustion and helps to reduce the environmental footprint of petroleum powered engines. Gas emissions are dramatically reduced: CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SOx, particles, etc.

Jifmar Offshore Services, France:

boats eliminating technical problems due to sludge and bacteria.

Grupo Miradouro, Portugal:

trawlers reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption by 3 to 4%.

Ibaia Energy, Spain:

gas stations offering Premium quality fuels treated with XBEE at low cost.

XBEE offers very powerful cleaning performance

Before and After XBEE Treatment

Cleaning Tank

Cleaning Filters

Cleaning Engine

Cleaning Exhaust

XBEE is fully approved for use in all engines

XBEE has been successfully used worldwide for many years in these many sectors to improve fuel quality and increase efficiency.

Marine Vessels

It is recognized and recommended by major OEMs such as Caterpillar and Wärtsilä for all engines burning Diesel oil, MDO and all grades of Heavy Fuel Oils:

  • disperse bacteria and sludge
  • cleanse up fuel system (tanks, filters, engines)
  • reduce gas emissions (NOx, SOx, CO2)

Public Transportation

It is widely used in public transportation city buses, school buses and coaches to eliminate problems due to bacteria in the fuel.

The enzymes contained in Xbee also help to improve combustion, eliminating carbon deposits and reducing CO2 and particles emissions.

Fuel & Engines Guarantees

It is in compliance with all international fuel standards: EN590, EN228, ISO8217. The environment-friendly fuel additive is also recognized to be safe for all engines.

Railroad Industry

It improves fuel combustion and reduces consumption:

  • HHPI diesel locomotives in Germany reduced fuel consumption by 6.5%
  • W&SOR locos in US reduced diesel consumption by 8 to 9%

Fishing Vessels

It is used by thousands of fishing vessels in all the oceans and seas to preserve the environment and improve the conditions of work.

Trawlers and tuna vessels, burning MDO, HFO 180 and 380 use Xbee to eliminate bacteria and sludge, as to maintain the engines…

Power Plants & Boilers

It helps power plants and factories to cleanse up and maintain generators and boilers.

  • Westward Seafood, USA, stabilized and reduced diesel/fish oil consumption by 6%
  • Frinsa, Spain, cut its CO2 emissions by 26.42%
  • Jirama, Madagascar, improved production by 17.73% & reduced consumption by 2.21%

Road Hauling

It passed the NEDC cycle bench-test and showed a reduction of the fuel consumption by 2.4%. Road hauling companies use Xbee to cut the fuel and maintenance costs of their trucks fleet. Many gas-stations now propose Xbee fuels directly at the pump!

Environment-friendly Additive

It is an environment-friendly product based on enzymes extracted from tree leaves. The biotechnology is NOT a chemical product, does NOT contain neither biocides nor metals, is NOT a hazardous product.

Yet, it DOES reduce gas emissions and lowers our carbon and energy footprint!