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Enzyme Technology

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is a natural treatment made of over 99% fuel-grade kerosene and less than 1% of a powerful organic formula containing enzymes extracted from tree leaves.

Physical and chemical properties:

Boiling point
Flash point
Clear liquid
Slight smell of
solvent, petrol
177°C (760 mmHg)
82°C (ASTM D 93/A)
0.795 kg/L at 15°C
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Natural biotechnology vs. chemical additives

XBEE is a unique fuel technology. This SINGLE product works in ALL liquid hydrocarbon fuels, and at the same treatment dose rate of 1 to 4,000, there is no need to buy multiple fuel additives for different engines or fuel applications. Unlike chemical additives that may become harmful if overdosed or cause damaging emulsions with water, XBEE is free from any chemicals. It is totally safe even if overdosed.

XBEE uses natural enzymes extracted from tree leaves. Enzymes are catalytic proteins that target and alter the molecular structure of hydrocarbons and fuel-derived contaminants. These target molecules are called substrates. Over two dozen plant enzymes are in XBEE which provides a wide range of substrate capability. Enzymes have active sites where catalysis is performed. By adjusting their shape, they induce an optimum fit to allow a high-energy transitionary stage known as the enzyme/substrate complex to form.

The substrate’s molecular structure is altered by weakening or cleaving chemical bonds, resulting in smaller molecules called products. The products are then released from the enzymes, which return to their original shape and can catalyze new substrates… The process can be performed up to one million times per second! Smaller fuel molecules atomize better, facilitating a more complete reaction with atmospheric oxygen during combustion. This improves engine efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and toxic gas emissions.

Practical and adapted to all engines

XBEE is one of the most cost-effective fuel treatments on the market and a very easy-to-use technology: only one product for all fuels, only one ratio of one litre of XBEE to 4,000 litres (or 4 m³) of fuel.

You simply pour XBEE in the storage tank before filling or bunkering. And there you go!
It is important to keep in mind that XBEE is NOT a hazardous product and is NOT subject to any transport or storage regulations (see the MSDS for more information).

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is available from dosing bottles for cars and yachts to jerrycans for tractors, building machines, buses and trucks to drums for fleets of vessels to IBCs for fuel suppliers.

XBEE is safe and warrantied in all engines and all fuels. We also offer all the necessary accessories you may need to facilitate fuel treatment: manual and electronic dosing pumps, fuel analysis services, gas emissions measurements, and more. Feel free to contact us and our team will accompany you in your project and help reduce maintenance costs, gas emissions, and fuel consumption.

20-L jerrycan

208-L drum

1,040-L IBC


Still having questions about our enzymes? Interested in trying XBEE and benefit from all its great advantages? We are just one click away!