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“XBEE reduces fuel consumption
and maintenance costs!”

Reduce the fuel consumption

Engines as clean as new show clear better performances than the same obstructed with carbon build-ups, damaged pumps, worn injectors, etc. These improved performances are marked by the reduction of lubricant oil consumption on one hand, said lube oil is clearer and cleaner than before using the XBEE enzyme fuel treatment. On the other hand, a fuel that burns better, quicker and more completely induces a better efficiency, i.e. more power for the same consumption or reduced fuel consumption for the same power output.

XBEE fuel additive eliminates the fuel over-consumption caused by contaminants in the tanks, carbon and soot build-ups in the engines. This fuel consumption can be reduced from 2 to 4% in modern clean engines, up to 10% in older engines, engines working on low loads (such as dredgers, tugs or cable-layers for instance) or engines powered on heavy or contaminated fuel oils.

Xbee reduces maintenance and energy costs on the short-term.
Xbee pays for itself within half a year only.

Reduce the maintenance costs

XBEE’s greatest benefit is the cleansing action of the whole fuel system from the tanks to the engines to the exhaust. This action has direct financial consequences for the XBEE fuel additive users.
A cleaner fuel, free from all usual contaminants such as bacteria, sludge, etc. does not clog filters anymore. That is the first marker of XBEE enzyme fuel treatment: fuel filters get markedly cleaner and do not need to be changed as much as before.
Companies burning heavy fuel oil 180 or HFO 380 will also be satisfied by the important reduction of sludge. The recycling and treatment of this sludge can be a quite expensive operation and the addition of the XBEE fuel additive helps to reduce this cost too.

The second step of this cleansing process results in maintenance savings. Once the XBEE fuel additive has cleaned up the tanks and engines, the financial impact is clearly effective:

  • increased intervals between maintenance services;
  • less spare parts to renew;
  • no more tanks or injector cleanings;
  • reduced immobilization periods of the vehicles or ships;
  • reduced invoices!
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