Maintenance & Cleaning

XBEE cleaner eliminates sludge
and bacteria in fuel tanks

A natural cleaner for all engines and fuels

  • The enzymes contained in the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology weaken the structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuels, particularly polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), facilitating the carbon reaction and oxygen absorption during combustion, then limiting the formation of residues and carbon particles with more complete combustion.
  • XBEE enzymes are powerful natural surfactants and dispersants. Harmful contaminants such as bacteria, sludge, fungi and mold decompose and no longer adhere to tank walls and engine fuel supply system. The resulting microscopic particles are burned while larger contaminants are eliminated by filtering. The elimination of all microbial contamination reduces corrosion in fuel tanks, pumps and injectors. As a by-result, fuel filters get cleaner and separators workload is dramatically reduced.
  • The XBEE fuel additive disperses water, which minimizes the formation of non-organic sediment and sludge in tanks. The XBEE enzyme fuel treatment also reduces the presence of asphaltenes that may lead to fuel deterioration.
  • The XBEE fuel additive neutralizes and controls the formation of sulfur oxides during combustion, which significantly reduces the formation of sulfuric acid and its corrosive effects on engine components.
  • The final result of using XBEE fuels is to maintain tanks and fuel supply systems as clean as new, and to eliminate all carbon and soot build-ups in engines and exhausts.

Cleaning Tank

Cleaning Engine

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