Packaging Fuel Treatment


A wide range of fuel treatment
packaging to serve all users

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is available from dosing bottles for cars and yachting to pails for buses and trucks to drums for fleet of vehicles and vessels.

XBEE will reduce technical problems caused by the presence of water in the tank or reservoir.

Moreover, the enzymatic biotechnology is ideal to keeping your facilities clean, helping with wintering boats and a correctly functioning boiler after several months of non-use. Regularly using XBEE often enables savings in terms of maintenance (longer time between oil changes, fewer clogged filters, no tank or boiler nozzle cleaning, etc.).

XBEE is a liquid fuel enhancer. Commonly called an engine supplement, diesel or petrol additive. The 100% natural composition of XBEE differentiates it from standard chemical additives. This natural fuel additive is composed of 99.5% improved kerosene and 0.5% enzyme concentrate extracted from tree leaves.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology 250-ml graduated bottle (24-pack)

The perfect bottle for small consumers (motorcycles, private cars, etc.).
The 250-ml bottle is equipped with a pump to treat and improve the combustion qualities for 1,000 liters of fuel: diesel, petrol, biofuels, plant or recycled oils, fuel oil, etc.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology 1-liter dosing bottle (12-pack)

The perfect bottle for regular consumers (trucks, agricultural and building machines, boilers, etc.).
The 1-liter bottle is equipped with a pump to treat and improve the combustion qualities for 4,000 liters of fuel: diesel, petrol, biofuels, plant or recycled oils, fuel oil, etc.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, 5-liter pail

This pack size is best suited to independent professionals (farmers, delivery people, lorry drivers, etc.).

This 5-liter pail will improve up to 20,000 liters of fuel.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, 20-liter pail

This pack size best suits captive fleets (cars, vans, trucks, etc). of average size, as well as independent service stations and local fuel oil distributors.

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, 208-liter drum

This pack size is designed for professionals using large quantities of fuel: fleets of lorries, buses, or cars, fishing boats fleets (trawlers, tuna boats, longliners, etc.), marine and inland navigation vessels (dredgers, tugs, ferries, cargos, tankers, etc.)…

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, 1,040-liter IBC

Petrol companies willing to offer XBEE fuels to their customers also have their dedicated packaging. This 1,040-liter tank of XBEE can treat more than 4 millions liters of fuel.

User Guide

The XBEE fuel additive is a liquid fuel enhancer, commonly called engine supplement, diesel or petrol additive. You should nevertheless remember that XBEE is a natural biotechnology and not a chemical additive. It uses the capacities of certain enzymes (natural proteins) to act on the structure of hydrocarbon molecules and improve properties. The result is a significant decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, as well as general improvement in the energy performance of the improved fuels.

Find more information in the Technical Data Sheet.

Instructions: use a 1 to 4,000 dose of XBEE fuel additive when filling the tank or reservoir. Over-dosing XBEE causes no harm, regardless of engine type. It is preferable to add the fuel additive XBEE before filling the tank.

The XBEE fuel cleaner is a powerful dispersant and may remove “sludge” accumulations as well as deposits caused by over-using standard additives or simply using poor quality fuels. Filters may be clogged when first using XBEE Enzyme Fuel Treatment in highly contaminated fuels.