Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet

Xbee enzyme fuel technology is the most efficient
and cheapest combination of benefits


Organic compounds made soluble in an organic solvent. Contains 99.5% aliphatic distillate of crude oil (kerosene) and 0.5% enzymes extracted from tree leaves.

Physical and chemical properties:

  • Aspect → clear liquid
  • Color → colorless
  • Smell → slight smell of solvent, petrol
  • Boiling point → 177°C (760 mmHg)
  • Flash point → 82°C (Closed cup)
  • Density → 0.795 at 15°C


If we needed to summarize the XBEE fuel additive’s action in a single phrase, we could say that the effect of this Enzyme Fuel Treatment is to clean up and purify fuels in a natural and sustainable way.

The enzymes contained in the XBEE natural fuel additive weaken the structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuels, particularly polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), facilitating the carbon reaction and oxygen absorption during combustion. As a result, the formation of residues and carbon particles is reduced due to improved combustion.


Recommendation is four thousand (4,000) liters of fuel to one (1) liter of XBEE. That is to say, 1 liter of XBEE for every 4,000 liters of fuel.

Compatible with all kind of fuels based on petroleum distillates and others including: Diesel, Gasoline, Heating oil, Heavy fuel oil, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Recycled oils, Pure vegetable oils, etc.

It is advised to pour XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology in the storage tank of an inland fleet of trucks or buses; or in the main storage tank of a ship to facilitate the mixing of the Enzyme Fuel Treatment to the incoming volume of fuel. In the case of intermediate and heavy gas oils (180 and 380 CST), it is recommended to add XBEE with a dosing pump when bunkering.


XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is available in different packages from dosing bottles to isotainers:

  • 250-ml & 1-lt bottles dedicated to yachts, cars, trucks and boilers;
  • 5- & 20-liter pails designed for small fleet of light and heavy vehicles such as lorries, buses and tractors;
  • 208-liter drums which are the most economic packaging for big fuel consumers: power plants, large fleet of trucks and coaches, vessels (trawlers, purse seiners, ferries, dredgers, tugs, cargoes, etc.).


Who does produce XBEE?
The enzyme concentrate was designed in a Japanese laboratory by Dr. Shinji Makino’s team. The XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology end product is produced by GTR Incorporated which holds the international production rights. This company is based in California in the United States.

What are the benefits to use XBEE?
First of all, it improves fuel quality. Then, it completely cleans your tank or reservoir, as well as the complete fuel supply system and engine, including exhaust. As a direct consequence of this cleaning, fuel consumption is reduced . . .