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ABC Maritime has been using XBEE onboard their ships since August 2012. It first started with the M/V San Beato. Primarily, they wanted to treat her Heavy Fuel Oil 380 after she encountered some issues with fuel quality.

As a result of the noticeable improvement after the first use, the company then decided to start using XBEE onboard their ships long-term. This time, they chose to use it for another one of their ships, the M/V AdFines Sea, in order to evaluate the capacity of the enzyme technology and clean up the whole fuel system.

In order to measure exactly how well it performed, they compared it to a standard marine fuel additive used in one of their sister ships, to see how it stacked up against XBEE.

ABC Maritime ship at sea with XBEE fuel onboard
ABC Maritime's ship, the San Beato, with XBEE fuel technology


In 2015, two vessels were monitored to compare the efficiency of a standard marine fuel additive to XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology.

The chosen sister ships were the M/V AdFines Sea & Star. Both of these chemical tankers have the same basic specs. Mak 7M43C main engines of 6,300 kW at 500 RPM, powered by Heavy Fuel Oil 380.


First, the technical department monitored several parameters, including the cleanliness of tanks, separators, filters, and more. They compiled the data into an easy-to-read table.

ABC Martime ship AdFines Sea using XBEE fuel
ABC Martime uses XBEE fuel onboard their ship, the AdFines Sea
The table below clearly illustrates that although the initial state of cleanliness of the AdFines Sea was worse than the Star, the former saw far better results. They found noticeable differences with XBEE onboard ships:
  • sludge reduced remarkably by 25% in the bunker tanks, and 33% in the settling tank
  • separators became cleaner
  • automatic cleaning improved by a factor of 3.46 compared to the marine fuel additive
  • manual cleaning improved by a factor of 4.4 with XBEE fuel
  • turbocharger cleaning improved by a factor of 3.27
TanksMaritime Fuel AdditiveXBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology
→ Sludge bunker tanksN/A-25%
→ Sludge settling tankN/A-33.00%
Fuel oil separator
→ Disc stack conditionUnchanged (3)Better (3 to 2)
→ Bowl conditionBetter (4 to 3)Better (3 to 2)
Automatic fine filter before main engine
→ Manual back flashBetter (sometimes to never)Better (sometimes to never)
→ Candle conditionWorse (2 to 4 to 3)Better (3 to 1)
Lube oil separator
→ Automatic cleaning frequencyWorse (150 to 90 minutes)Better (50 to 90 minutes)
→ Manual cleaningWorse (1,500 to 750 hours)Better (300 to 720 hours)
→ Disc stack conditionWorse (3 to 4)Better (3 to 2)
→ Bowl conditionWorse (3 to 4)Better (3 to 2)
Turbo charger
→ Turbine side wet cleaning frequencyUnchanged (250 hours)Better (150 to 490 hours)
Waste heat boiler
- Type of depositsBetter (3 to 2)Better (2 to 1)

ABC Maritime

Nyon, Switzerland

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