Engine Guarantees

Engine fuel treatment recognized
by all original engine manufacturers

The ashless natural composition of the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is harmless to all engines. Therefore XBEE additive is “substantially similar to fuels”, hence compatible with all types of engines.

For light and heavy vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, construction vehicles, farming vehicles, etc.); XBEE engine fuel treatment complies with standards established by the CEC.

The Coordinating European Council’s goal is to develop performance tests for fuels, lubricants and other fluids. This European benchmark organization is approved by more than fifty automobile manufacturers, oil companies and oil manufacturers. Prodrive, a laboratory based in England, ran two of its tests on the XBEE Fuel Cleaner. CEC F-23-A-01 for diesel engines and CEC F-05-A-93 for petrol engines.

The approach in the maritime industry is different in so far as marine engine manufacturers are very strict regarding the use of additives in their engines. The XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology was first subject to a composition analysis by the DNV. Det Norske Veritas is an international risk management service provider, whose in-depth analysis of the XBEE biotechnology’s chemical composition demonstrated that this enzyme-based product presents no danger to engines or their components.

Consequently, several engine manufacturers have drafted letters of either non-objection or recommendation based on their observations.