XBEE composition analysis by Veritas Petroleum Services (DNV – VPS)

Fuel Quality Testing by Veritas Petroleum Services

As the world’s leading fuel testing company, testing to ISO8217, with full ISO17025 accreditation, we have also innovatively developed, many proprietary additional tests which provide further fuel quality information, both pre-burn and post-burn, to further support our customers’ asset protection, human health and environmental compliance.

As fuels continue to develop in order to achieve carbon-neutral/carbon-free status, Veritas Petroleum Services committe to further innovative projects to provide testing and advisory solutions.

Measured results of XBEE engine treatment

The results measured by the VPS laboratory clearly demonstrate that XBEE is a safe product, improving the quality of any fuel in compliance with European regulations. XBEE enzyme technology does not contain biocides, alcohols, metals or ashes.



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XBEE is an enzyme technology compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This cleaning treatment disperses water and fuel-derived organic contaminants.

Consequently, XBEE helps to clean up the whole fuel system and eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, hence a reduction of the maintenance costs and gas emissions _ in particular CO2, NOx and particulates.

Finally XBEE reduces the fuel consumption.