XBEE Headquarters
XBEE Headquarters
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“WIKIBEE gathers all public documentation available about the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology: certifications, marketing material, laboratory tests, references, testimonies and videos…”

General documentation

XBEE concerns every fuel consumer: from private users to large professional fleet managers or environmental-friendly political leader.


Regular customers, professionals and private users, have chosen to talk about the improvements they observed with XBEE in all kinds of fuels and industries.

Laboratory & OEM's Certifications

The XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology has been tested, evaluated and certified by many laboratories, institutions and Original Engine Manufacturers.

References & Testimonies

Thousands of users around the world have been using XBEE for years in all kinds of industries. Some agreed to testify about their choice and their experience with XBEE.

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