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Autocars Vincent Bobet – Best diesel engine cleaner

Vincent Bobet motorcoaches have more than 35 years of experience in the passenger transport industry. Located in the region of Morbihan since 2014, they offer their customers a true VIP service in terms of safety, comfort and professionalism.

XBBE best diesel engine cleaner in Autocars Vincent Bobet

AVB has opted for a respectful option with its customers and the environment: the company decided to treat its entire fleet with the best diesel engine cleaner XBEE, significantly reducing emissions of C02, the main greenhouse gas.

The company has 12 vehicles of which 10 are thermal and 2 are electric. Since they use XBEE, they have observed a reduction of the fuel consumption by 1 to 1.5 liters in some of the vehicles.

Autocars Vincent Bobet has an environmental approach and has been awarded with the Green Morbihan label. In addition, from 2020 the company is part of the CO2 objective program “CO2 Objective – Transportation companies join in”.

AVB uses the best diesel engine cleaner XBEE enzyme fuel treatment

The fleet has reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

Using XBEE on a regular basis has also allowed them to reduce their energy footprint by optimizing fuel consumption in their vehicles, sometimes extending the autonomy of their buses by almost 160 km per full tank.

“We realised that we had reduced our fuel consumption by approximately 1 litre, or even 1.5 litres with certain vehicles. Every month we do fuel consumption reports, and we realised that we could improve our energy efficiency thanks to this product. We also noticed that because of this product, carbon deposits don’t get into the fuel filters, meaning our engines are clean.

So, as we are constantly looking for new environmentally friendly products, I can of course only recommend my colleagues in the transportation industry using diesel or fuel-powered vehicles to use this product. For me, it is a real benefit,” says Jean-Claude Bobet director of Autocars AVB.


Autocars Vincent Bobet

Noyalo, France

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XBEE is an enzyme technology compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This cleaning treatment disperses water, sludge and bacterial growth in the fuel.

Consequently, XBEE helps to cleanse up the whole fuel system and eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, hence a reduction of the maintenance costs and gas emissions _ in particular CO2, NOx and particulates.

Finally XBEE reduces the fuel consumption.