Siempre Bella Vista

Surface longliner Siempre Bella Vista fishes in the waters of Cape Verde. She runs on gasoil mixed with XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology.

Owned and operated by Mr. Justo Eiji since 2008, the ship’s vessel data is as follows:

Length29.0 m
Width6.5 m
Depth3.4 m
Tonnage206 GT
Main engineCaterpillar 705 HP
1200 RPM
Auxiliary engine power500 HP

Mr. Eijo made note of some significant changes to Siempre Bella Vista after switching to XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology.

Improved Filter Consumption

Fuel filter consumption was considerably reduced. In fact, it decreased from one box every 45-50 days, to just one box every two years!
NB: gasoil supplied in this fishing area is a great deal dirtier than the same fuel available in Spain.

Reduced exhaust emissions

Reduced Daily Consumption

Daily fuel consumption was around 1,300 litres per day before using the XBEE treatment. As a result of the switch, it was reduced to an average of 1,200 litres per day. ie., -7.7%

These excellent working conditions made it possible to extend the intervals between overhauls. Therefore resulting in substantial savings!

Clean results with XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology
The XBEE treatment consistently provides cleaner results

“Cylinder heads and rocker covers are perfectly clean after four years of using XBEE. Before using XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, the rocker covers were full of black dirt coming from oil gases; this does not happen anymore. The XBEE product works!” – Justo Eijo, ship owner

Siempre Bella Vista

Burela, Spain

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