Salaün Autocars uses XBEE Diesel Engine Cleaner

Salaün Autocars is a company based in France and has been in the tourism sector (national and international) for more than 89 years. It currently has 270 vehicles in 10 different companies, of which 140 are long distance vehicles including 80 operating in France and abroad.

diesel engine cleaner

This company was the first coach operator in France to be certified according to ISO 14001, a worldwide benchmark in environmental protection.

Salaün Autocars is also a signatory of the Objectif CO2 charter implemented by the Ministry of Transport and ADEME. It is currently implementing a plan with Xbee diesel engine cleaner to reduce CO2 emissions.

Salaün Autocars uses Xbee diesel engine cleaner throughout its fleet

Out of respect for its clientele and the environment, the entire Salaün Autocars fleet runs on XBEE diesel engine cleaner to improve consumption and reduce emissions.

“I chose Xbee because we realized that there was a build-up of bacteria in the fuel, we have had to deal with a lot of breakdowns on the road while traveling. Xbee was presented to me as a product that could eliminate bacteria in the fuel, it is for this reason that we chose it to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission in the atmosphere.”

I would recommend Xbee because we treat the tanks as a preventive measure, as well as the fuel tanks of each bus, now we have no more breakdowns of this type on the road.” expressed Jean-Alain Herry, Technical Director of Salaün Autocars.

Salaün Autocars

Châteaulin, France

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XBEE is an enzyme technology compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This cleaning treatment disperses water and fuel-derived organic contaminants.

Consequently, XBEE helps to clean up the whole fuel system and eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, hence a reduction of the maintenance costs and gas emissions _ in particular CO2, NOx and particulates.

Finally XBEE reduces the fuel consumption.