Interscan Schiffahrt, Germany

HFO 180 heavy fuel tank cleaning in the Interscan Schiffahrt fleet

Interscan Schiffahrt was founded in 1973. Since its inception, it has been engaged in the transport of forest products, bulk, and general cargo in Europe. In addition, it has a fleet of 18 heavy and multipurpose vessels.



Fuel Tank Cleaning with XBEE

In 2011, Interscan Schiffahrt started the evaluation of the fuel tank cleaning with XBEE on vessel M/V Paivi. The chief engineer saw the first positive effects in less than 10 months:
  • Less dark smoke at the chimney outlet.
  • The additive dissolves the impurities contained in the fuel oil.
  • It improves the efficiency of the separator.
  • Reduces the water content in the settling tank.
  • Interscan Schiffahrt used XBEE technology for almost three years on the M/V Paivi; it provided an interesting opportunity to compare the cleaning of the tanks and to observe the efficiency of the enzymes.
  • You can compare the pictures taken by Interscan Shipping of their two ships M/V Paivi with XBEE and M/V Tim without XBEE.


Interscan Schiffahrt’s fleet consists of 24 merchant ships with tonnages ranging from 1723 to 11800.

Due to new regulations, the shipping company had to change from HFO 180 fuel to MGO. In that case, such operations require fuel tank cleaning, which is often costly and time-consuming. According to statements by the chief engineer, the regular use of XBEE technology has yielded great results.

Mr. Laufer of Interscan described his observations during tank cleaning:

“In the end this cleaning did not turn out to be necessary, because the natural enzymes of XBEE had already done the cleaning process. This cleaning performance of XBEE has exceeded our expectations, as the attached pictures show”, said Mr. Lufer, Chief Engineer – Interscan Schiffahrt.


Interscan Schiffahrt

Hamburg, Germany

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XBEE is an enzyme technology compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This cleaning treatment disperses water and fuel-derived organic contaminants.

Consequently, XBEE helps to clean up the whole fuel system and eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, hence a reduction of the maintenance costs and gas emissions _ in particular CO2, NOx and particulates.

Finally XBEE reduces the fuel consumption.