Frank Coluccio Construction Co., Washington, USA

Frank Coluccio Construction Co.

In May 2002, the Superintendent of Frank Coluccio Construction Co., Tim Pearia, testified about his experience with the enzyme fuel technology. Because of the fantastic results, he highlighted Soltron’s capacity to reduce gas emissions and smoke in the mining industry.

The crew had been constructing a 6,200′ long, 1’4’18” diameter underground storm-water collection tunnel. Thus hauling clay, sand and gravel to build the tunnel between Elliott Bay to South Lake Union, USA.

Underground Tunnel built with Soltron Fuel
Frank Coluccio Construction Co., used Soltron Enzyme Fuel Technology to build an underground tunnel.

Excerpt from the company's thank you letter

Our construction crew was complaining about burning eyes and headaches. It was a constant problem. […] Amazingly, by the end of the first day on [XBEE], the odor and eye-burning sensations were gone completely. The crew was ecstatic. 

Tim Pearia
Frank Coluccio Tunnel Machine Soltron fuel
Frank Coluccio Construction Co.'s Tunnel Machine, "Cassandra," uses Soltron fuel

Thanks again, we are really pleased with this product and the problems it solved on this job. We will continue using [XBEE] as a part of our fuel regime.

Tim Pearia

Read the full letter by downloading the PDF below.

Frank Coluccio Construction Co.

Washington, USA

About the company:

Founded in 1953, the company provides professional construction services. In fact, they work in the areas of commercial, institutional, and industrial construction. They maintain an excellent reputation based on safe, economical, timely and quality project delivery.

The company’s track record proves it’s fully capable of large, complex projects. For example, this impressive underground tunnel. However, Coluccio Construction has also performed medium and small projects. Clients choose Coluccio because of its experience and track record of success.

In the USA, XBEE Fuel Technology is marketed under the trademark Soltron by GTR, Incorporated.
Soltron XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology

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