Fishing boats in Lakes Entrance, Australia

Commercial fishing companies improve their fuel with XBEE

Fishing companies based in Lakes Entrance, Australia, chose to treat their fuel with XBEE to clean up their diesel tanks and engines, reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions.

“Over the last four years that I’ve been using XBEE, I’ve noticed that our fuel consumption has gone down about 40 liters per trip, which doesn’t sound a lot but if you do 100 trips, that’s 4 000 liters.

[…] I’ve found that using it in the genset fuel has really helped the gensets.”


Harry Mitchelson, Mitchelson Fisheries Pty Ltd

“I was introduced to the product from my mechanic, that does the work and he said it’s a good fuel additive. So, I tried it and it’s been fantastic! I’ve noticed less soot on the transom, the engine’s running better and the fuel efficiency is a lot better.”


Tony Kemna, Far out Charters

Lakes Entrance, (VIC) Australia

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XBEE is an enzyme technology compatible with all fuels, in all engines. This cleaning treatment disperses water, sludge and bacterial growth in the fuel.

Consequently, XBEE helps to cleanse up the whole fuel system and eliminate carbon deposits in the engines, hence a reduction of the maintenance costs and gas emissions _ in particular CO2, NOx and particulates.

Finally XBEE reduces the fuel consumption.