ETA Marchand

The agricultural company, ETA Marchand – located in Mayenne, France – offers its services in all kinds of agricultural and pruning works. The company has two powerful New Holland tractors: New Holland T7040 and T6050.

XBEE fuel technology New Holland tractor
Marchand's New Holland T6050 tractor

Positive Results

ETA Marchand has been using diesel oil treated with the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology since April 2009 in both of their New Holland tractors. 

The positive results were observed quickly, particularly regarding the cleanliness of the filter. Michel Marchand was used to changing his fuel filters every 600 running hours. But with XBEE diesel, the filters are still clean after more than 2,000 hours! He used the same filters for another 1,000 running hours with confidence. 

Sustainable Environment

Just by using XBEE fuel in his two tractors, Michel Marchand has reduced his CO2 emissions by about five tons per year. There are about 2 million agricultural tractors in France.

Based on this data, if more agricultural companies switched to XBEE, we could save 3 million tons of CO2 every year!

It’s obvious that these clean filters are a result of the powerful XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology. And it’s not just the diesel, but the entire fuel system. From the tank to the reservoir engine, Marchand’s New Holland tractors are running smoother than ever.

ETA Marchand

Mayenne, France

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