Concert Pig Breeding, France

Concert Pig Breeding

Concert agricultural holding cultivates 150 acres in northern Britain. Pascal Concert owns and operates the rearing farm. He and his team use off-road XBEE fuel to raise 450 sows across two different sites.

The whole pig farming facility is powered by generators. Heating oil is treated with the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology during peak periods.
Pig rearing in France
Pascal Concert raises some 450 pigs across two farms

To cultivate his lands, Pascal Concert trusts in hardware including several Fendt 926 tractors.

Off-road fuel oil is not the same as on-road fuel oil. But it can be confusing to keep them straight!

The major difference is knowing which fuel oil is appropriate for which kind of vehicle. The diesel you put in a car is not the same as you use to power farm machinery. Off-road fuel oil has more ‘impurities’ like sulfur, even in small quantities. Which is why the XBEE treatment is so important. 

After two years of running off-road XBEE fuel oil and diesel oil, the results are visible and valuable:
  • fewer filter changes
  • elimination of the fuel smell
  • elimination of exhaust smoke
Fendt 926 Tractor using XBEE fuel
Concert uses Fendt 926 tractors, running off-road XBEE fuel treatment

There is another important benefit to the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Treatment – sustainability!

This pig farm is active in doing its part to preserve our environment. Natural fuel allows them to reduce their gas emissions by about ten tons of CO2 yearly. It helps them run their machinery at a lower cost, all while saving the environment at the same time.

Concert Pig Breeding

Ploubalay, France

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